Different Cloth

from by Maintain Da DON

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Verse 1:
Not to be confused with them lames / so i made sure I stand out/
Now that I been gettin a little change / everybody got their hand out/
Fuck waiting on a hand out / Real Estate is in the plan now/
We invested in land now / I pray to GOD that it pan out /
40 acres no mule a tractor and a couple horses that country shit/
City slickers might cut a laugh / but just do the math / and thats money bitch / 40 acres no mule a tractor and a couple horses that country shit/
City slickers might cut a laugh / but just do the math / and thats money bitch / Industry like a rodeo with all these clown niggas with this bullshit / Selling lies / right before your eyes / for a small tithe / now thats pulpit / I just practice what I preach / she grit her teeth / when she see / me in the cool whip / flagged me down hopped in the front seat / and started stroking on my pool stick / Switched the style, cause they tried to copy / Clean, cut , confident, and cocky / The reason all of these bitches jock me / The chain icy like a game of hockey / Now she ride me like a Kawasaki / The pussy fresh but the head sloppy / Half puerto rican my little Mami /(tu queto papi) / Know that I got you for real ...


Verse 2:
Not to be confused with these chumps / So i went out and made my /
Own loot, pulled up in the coupe / Jumped out the bitch like the game mine / Swear we ballin like game time / All my niggas got gang ties / Throwing money at house of dimes / While you on the net throwing gang signs / Ignorance, sometimes far from bliss / Got her out that world, took her on a trip / Cracking lobster over some garlic shrimp / Trading fuck faces at the same time / Give it a shot, whether hit or miss / Live for the now, fuck the consequence / Them hoes just hating cause their incompetent / Use your common sense / you'll see I aint lying / And when Im gone she anticipate it / and what we got just a lituation / reason why her friends so opinionated / but she care less what they insinuating / Thats why I dig her she a ride or die / Now roll one up and then fly the sky / And when Im back in town / You know I touching down / and I'll be sliding by / for that piece of pie / Switched the style cause they be trying to steal / Charismatic, conserved, and chill / use to play the field just to pay the bills / still run the city though Im never there / And when Im is, its just never fair / at least for them squares / they can not compare / She love me / seen me / jumped up on me / started moving back and forth like a rocking chair ....



from Rhythm Nights EP, track released September 9, 2016
Prod. by Ric & Thaddeus
Written by: Maintain Da DON



all rights reserved


MainTain Austin, Texas

Maintain is a Songwriter/Producer and 1/7 of the MS Supergroup ICHOKE.

Inquiries: Maintain24@gmail.com

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